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Creating Unforgettable Moments in Education

Free, engaging activities designed to enrich school culture and student connections.

Districts We've Impacted

Our Mission

Provide free activities and initiatives that help build campus culture and connect schools with their communities.


Foster student unity and community support by creating programs that enhance the high school experience.


Prioritizing programs that help students build strong connections with their peers and school.


Believing in the power of collaboration between schools, students, and the wider community.


Engaging students in enjoyable activities that foster a positive school environment.


Actively seek to break down barriers to access, whether they be social, economic, or physical.

Current Programs

Our programs are always adapting to school needs, are always free thanks to the support of community partners, and are aimed at enhancing the school day with valuable experiences.

Campus Drop-Ins

We love to surprise students with visits from their favorite artists, influencers, and more.


These visits generate excitement on campuses and elevate your administration to hero status.

Dua Lipa &

Drew Barrymore

Charli D'Amelio &



Benson Boone

The entire school community came alive today! It was exactly what we needed. We appreciate this so much and would love to connect again in the future!

Carmen Ruiz

Assistant Principal

Central Falls High School

Thank you for this grand gesture of appreciation for our students and staff. It is such a nice way to wrap up the end of the school year. I truly appreciate it!

Angelica Altamirano


Hubbard High School

The event created a lot of excitement and brought joy to our community, making the day truly special for everyone.

Sandeep Tibrewal

Dean of Students

Bullard-Havens High School

Thank you so much for including us in your awesomeness. You've made 850 students and staff very happy. Thanks for working to make the high school experience a positive one.

Nora Pemberton

Administrative Assistant

Mt. Mansfield Union High School

Thank you for being a part of the Mental Health & Wellness Fair, our students and staff were very excited that you were there. You made an impact!

Dr. Okeycha Pettigrew

Director of Student Activities

Thornwood High School

Chainsmokers & Charli D'Amelio visit Cesar Chavez High School

Cesar Chavez High School in Stockton, California rallied during Financial Literacy Month to win a special visit from Charli D'Amelio and The Chainsmokers!

Student Voices

We recognize that students across the country share similar experiences and concerns. By providing a platform for their voices, we validate their journeys and foster a deeper community understanding.

If you know a student whose story deserves to be highlighted, let us help bring their narrative to the forefront.

Where We've Been

Since 2010 we've journeyed across the U.S., visiting public high schools and meeting amazing staff and students in 38 states!

  • Where do you visit?
    We provide programs for high schools all across the US. We’ve been to 38 states and counting. Contact us to see if we have a program currently running in your area.
  • Do your programs cost anything?
    Never. Every program we provide is 100% free to schools, students, and districts. We partner with organizations who want to make a positive impact in their communities. Often, our programs come with opportunities for schools, districts, and students to earn funds for their campuses and scholarships for students.
  • My school wants to host a visit. What do we do?
    We come with everything needed to put on our programs. Chat with us to schedule your visit and we’ll take it from there.
  • Can I be connected with a previous host school?
    Absolutely. And there’s a good chance we’ve already visited a school in your area. Contact us and we'll get you connected!
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